The media’s influence on teen pregnancy is a very real problem that is taking the country by wildfire. I warn you, don’t be fooled by the numbers. The teen pregnancy rate is falling but we still have by far the highest teen pregnancy rate throughout the western industrialized world.( “The fact that just under 1/3 of all girls in the United States will get pregnant in their teenage years is a sobering thought.” (  The mindset of young teenage girls is changing and I blame certain sources of the media.

Let me tell you about an unsettling conversation I overheard at the mall about a year ago. There was a group of teenage girls, all about the age of 15, giggling and shopping like normal young teenage girls. But their conversation was certainly not normal.

Teenager 1: “Kara, let’s pick out a dress from Motherhood because your clothes are getting too small again.”

Teenager 2: “How many months are you now?”

Kara: “Five! The baby will be here in April!”

Teenager 2: “That’s so exciting!”

Teenager 1: “I can’t wait to pick out little baby dresses with you!”

Teenager 2: “Did you find out if you made the cut for ‘Teen Mom‘ yet? That’d be so cool to see you on TV!”

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That’s right! This 15-year-old girl is not only pregnant, she is excited to be! Did she completely forget about the responsibility of having a child? Completely forget about the mid-night feedings and diaper changes?  Completely forget about the challenges she will face like trying to study for finals with a baby by her side? Or maybe she hasn’t. But instead is excited for her grand adventure to be captured on tape. Excited for her 15 minutes of fame.

A lot of young girls are thinking like this and it’s certainly a problem. I urge you to talk to your pre-teen and teenage daughters before it’s too late. Parents need to warn their daughters that pregnancy is not a grand adventure or a cool fad. Fads come and go but a baby will never go away!