Dear Teenager,

Say you did get pregnant and had a baby. How would your life change? Let’s look at it from a financial perspective. Could you afford a baby? (Most of my stats and some basic ideas came from this website)¬†Would you have your parents support? Seriously, think. What would be your answer to this question right now?

Sick babyDo you have your answer in mind? Now come the facts. Did you know delivery alone can cost over 25,000 dollars without any complications? Even if you can afford it, will it financially break you? This is only the beginning.

Do you have health insurance? If not, you have a major problem. Newborns are very susceptible to getting diseases so health care could end up saving you baby’s life. Without it you may not be able to care for your baby or worse your baby could die without the proper treatment.

All a baby is going to do is raise your expenses. So if you are already struggling to find a job or are in debt you and your baby could very possibly end up homeless and starve to death.

How will you afford diapers? They are used at least twice a day for at least the next two years. How can you afford baby clothes? I don’t have to tell you how fast a baby grows. It could be a major problem.Farrah Broke?

Now what do you think? I know some of you will be skeptical. Maybe citing this example, what about Farrah from Teen Mom? She was broke and she pushed through. If I push hard enough I can make it through as well. At least some of this is a major misrepresentation.

First of all, do you really think Farrah is broke?? Really? She stars on a TV show that has more than 3 million viewers according to US weekly. When is reality TV ever reality. I’m sure some of that happened but of course Farrah is going end up ok in the end. Again this is a rare case. “There are more than 400,000 teen births annually in the United States, most of them unmarried mothers on welfare, according to the National Campaign to prevent Teen Pregnancy.” (David Crary, Associated Press)

The reality is most teen mothers without the support of their family will not recover. They are not able to find or let alone hire anyone to watch their baby while they work. Therefore they cannot work or cannot get hired, especially in the recession today. They cannot provide for themselves or their babies and end up getting their baby taken away or end up dying on the street.